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As part of our mission we have a responsibility to provide innovative products that enhance quality of life by helping people see better. Alcon also extend this responsibility by providing value adding services to eye care practitioners and their patients. 


The growth of e-commerce

The way consumers shop is changing, they want convenience and the demand for online purchasing is increasing.  Would it surprise you to know that:

  • 92% of the UK population are regular internet users1
  • 77% of internet users have made a purchase online1
  • Online sales grew by 16% in 2016.  That’s £18bn more spent online than in 2015
  • Smart phones are driving the growth and now account for over 50% visits to retail sites1

With the rise of e-commerce it has become increasingly important for businesses to have an online store where they can sell their range of products and services and develop stronger relationships with their customers. 

At Alcon we understand that for an independent optician it can be both complex & costly to install an e-commerce platform so we have developed InContact to support you and your business on-line.

What is InContact?

InContact is an enhanced digital platform that will enable your patients to purchase their contact lenses online direct from you, their local optician. It can help you extend improve your online presence and build long term relationships with both new and existing patients.

For eye care professionals InContact :

  • Is a digital platform that supports patients finding their local optician
  • Allows you to better meet your patient needs by offering online purchase 
  • Reduces practice administration by facilitating online ordering for patients

For your patient InContact :

  • Is a user-friendly website that provides them guidance on contact lenses and the convenience of online shopping

The benefits of InContact

InContact helps your patients by allowing them to:

  • Find out more about contact lenses
  • Find an experienced eye care professional through the optician finder
  • Order and pay for their contact lenses online directly from their optician
  • Learn about promotional offers

InContact helps you to:

  • Increase foot traffic to your store
  • Improve your online visibility –  providing you with an online shop window and preferential positioning on the Alcon store locator
  • Give your patients the ability to buy their contact lenses on-line directly from you
  • Better communicate with your patients through your preferred method

How can I get set up on InContact?

An Alcon InContact Specialist can visit your practice to set you up in a few simple steps:

  • Help you personalise your digital storefront
  • Add your Alcon contact lens price list
  • Customise your patient notifications

For more information, please email the Alcon Vision Care Brand team or speak to your Alcon Business Development Manager.


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