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Alcon offers the widest spectrum of products in eye care. Our Vision Care portfolio offers award winning daily disposable, monthly replacement and colour-enhancing contact lenses, as well as contact lens care products for comfortable and convenient vision correction options.

OPTI-FREE® PureMoist®


 A multi-purpose disinfecting solution with HydraGlyde® that cleans, re-conditions, rinses, disinfects, removes lipids and proteins and stores soft contact lenses.OPTI-FREE PureMoist has been optimised for silicone hydrogel contact lenses1-3.

Who should use OPTI-FREE PureMoist?

For patients who:

  • Are reusable contact lens wearers that want to benefit from 16 hours of comfortable wearing time2,4
  • Are looking for a solution that has a significantly longer discard date than most other lens care products
  • Reusable contact lens wearers looking for a contact lens solution that offers disinfection which surpasses ISO requirements5,6,9
Features Benefits

HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix

Embeds in soft contact lenses, creating a moisture envelope around the lens2,4,7

Provides moisture on todays’ contact lenses for 16 hours2,4

Contains POLYQUAD® and ALDOX®

Surpasses ISO requirements for disinfection5,6

Outstanding disinfection defined

  • Reduces lipid deposits and removes protein1,2,8
  • Best in class disinfection9


Outstanding comfort defined

  • Provides outstanding comfort and reduced end of day dryness compared to a habitual solution10,11

How the HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix works


Product information


Multi-purpose cleaning and disinfecting solution optimised for use with silicone hydrogel lenses

Active Ingredients


ALDOX 0.0006%


Sodium Citrate

Tetronic 1304

Boric Acid

Discard Life

At expiry date or 6 months after opening

Pack Sizes

Sample Pack: 60ml;

Travel Pack: 90ml; Single bottle: 300ml;

Twin Pack: 2x300ml;

Flat bottle: 3x240ml

3 month round bottle Value Pack: 2x300ml + 90ml with 2x3 month AIR OPTIX® packs

3 month Flat bottle Value Pack: 3 x 240ml with 2x3 month AIR OPTIX® packs

6 Month round bottle Value Pack: 4x300ml + 2x90ml with 4x3 month AIR OPTIX® packs

Disinfection Efficacy

Surpasses ISO standards for fungal and bacterial reduction5,6,9

Highly effective biocompatible disinfection5,6

ALDOX is highly effective against acanthamoeba. Patented formula to Alcon. The POLYQUAD and ALDOX dual disinfectants act against harmful microorganisms including bacteria, fungi and acanthamoeba


Suitable for all soft contact lenses

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